Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured for public liability and profession indemnity?

Yes, I have both Public Liability & Profession Indemnity Insurance. I'm happy to provide a copy of the documents should you need them.

Are you a member of any professional photography organisation?

I'm a member of The Societies of Photographers (SWPP, SICIP, SISEP) and The Freelancers Club.

Will a contract of the services be provided?

Yes, we will have a written agreement approved and signed by both parties prior the event.  It will be detailing the location, times, key expectations, key guests (if is the case).

Will you visit the where the venue take place?

We always prefer to visit the venues prior the day of the assignment if there is enough time between the booking and the event. This allow us gather ideas about the place and potential shots; also to have approval from the property owner that photos can take place in his/her premises or if there are specific restrictions that need to be take into consideration.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Two Nikon cameras 36.3-megapixel with professional lens set, full-frame for sharp focus and high resolution quality, ready for all kind of weather/light conditions. This would allow to produce pictures up to large size prints.

What happens if your camera breaks on the day?

All the equipment is checked the day before your event and I always have one backup camera and spare accessories.

What happens if the photographer is ill?

While it is unlikely, it can happen and we replace the photographer with other equally skilled professional fulfilling the written agreement and delivering you the quality professional images.

Should my event last longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an extra fee?

This will be defined on the written agreement

What happens if it rains during my event?

We can work in such case, 

Would an assistant be included?

We can offer you a second photographer to enable a more balanced view,.

Will you colour correct my images or photoshop images?

Every single image has basic post-production as standard, to make sure each and every image is of professional quality product and ready for printers. However, I think that natural photos look best, and work to capture the image correct in camera .

If you require customised photoshopping / special effects, these are done by request and charged separately.

Will my images be on your website?

A few of your pictures will appear as examples if you have approved such.