Freelance photographer, based in London undertaking commercial & private projects in a diverse range of areas; available for all types of assignments in UK & overseas.

Beginning in 2012 with contemplative photography as a way of expressing a different view of the world. Capturing intricate details of the magnificent scenery and the tiniest objects that many wouldn't notice in our daily busy life. Miksang has been a gift in my life.  

Skills have evolved through fauna, wildlife and landscape photography while travelling to many locations around the world and indulging my love for adventure. Exploring nature, textures, colours, smells and sounds gives me a peace of mind to capture amazing images.


With more versatile skills I am always looking for a point of difference to distinguish me from other photographers.


So whether you are looking for corporate photography, head-shots, portraits, press releases, sports, creative fashion and street events; or family events such as pre/post-natal, weddings, engagements and all sorts of parties, feel free to get in touch so we can create a bespoke package just for you.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

What equipment do I use?

Nikon D750 and Nikon D810 with set of lens: Nikon 24-70mm f2.8ED VR, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8ED VR, Nikon 200-500mm f5.6ED VR and couple of primes 35/50mm and 4 speedlights.

The D810 is my workhorse for every type of shoot. And the 200-500mm only is in my bag for wildlife. The bag is always ready and always with me, regardless going out for a shoot or not. I never know what I find interesting on my way; so, I am always ready to grab the camera and start shooting.

Also have Nikon P900 which is very versatile with a awesome optical zoom and light, despite its abysmal limitations.

How do you post process your images?

I do prefer the images be as closer to the original as possible, so capturing needs to be near perfect (the camera is always in manual). So I avoid spending much time on Lightroom, only use that software to catalogue and perform minor basic adjustments or crop if required.